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It is our conscious effort to allow collaborative learning as a form of empowerment to both

CyBears aims to bring both the parents and their children valuable life experience through soccer and other sports. For this purpose, our method evaluates the children’s athletic processes, as well as their academic and personal life skills.

We specialize in an individualized teaching style that accommodates players' needs, rather than expecting them to learn the same way in a group setting.

Cybears have designed a specific set of activities that help us evaluate a players skill set and how they contribute to themselves and others.

We at Cybears offer professional mentorship for players who want to excel beyond the learning standards.



Our team members are both professional soccer players and dedicated academics. At Cybears, we like to advocate diverse ways of learning about futbol and the core values of community by mentoring children on how to improve their athletic performance, and apply the challenges they will overcome to their educational and personal growth.

Sports + Education

Our purpose is to support your child’s academic performance, athletic development, and personal growth through the experience of extensive training, which will empower their sense of confidence in the field. We focus on sports and value-enrichment rather than competition with a measurable process!
We are the difference!