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What our members say about us
Tracy Jennings - San Francisco, CA

My son had a great workout and loved it. I just purchased 10 more sessions! Coach Fabian is enthusiastic, friendly and inspirational. Highly recommend!

Tina Fillinger - Novato, CA

Coach Fabian was organized and had a soccer plan that works for me. He helped me with footwork, technique and focused on how to defend “correctly“ which is my position in soccer. Thanks Coach F! See you soon for sure!

Adam - Novato, CA

I can’t say enough about Coach Fabian, he is an inspirational instructor and my son cannot wait for his next session!

Nou - Petaluma, CA

We have been extremely happy with Fabiáns coaching! He is patient, and detailed with his teaching. He communicates very well with our daughter, and let’s us know her progress, specifying the things she is great at, and what she needs to work on! We highly recommend him!!

Lina - San Francisco, CA

Coach Fabian is a great coach, and my son is enjoying his training! He has improve and looks forward to all his sessions.

Shann Allipour - San Rafael, CA

Fabian is great! Not only is he an excellent teacher, but his joy and energy for the game are such that my son is always excited to go see him (and often asks when he will see him next!). He also gives very detailed feedback. We look forward to continuing working with Fabian!

Cara Douglas - Mill Valley, CA

Coach Fabian is positive, enthusiastic and motivating. After just two sessions with him we see a dramatic improvement in our daughter’s skills.

Lorraine P - Novato, CA

My son really enjoyed his first session. Fabián was very engaged with him and has some solid suggestions on how to improve his soccer-related skills.

Takahito - Japan

He gives me not only technics but passion. I had a good experience for my soccer life.

Sachit - New York City, NY

Amazing coach. Fabian is very patient and has been super motivating as I try to relearn the game. He is genuinely passionate and knowledgeable about the game.

Elizabeth - New York City, NY

Fabián is a strong coach who knows his game. My daughter is really working hard and improving. I give my highest recommendation to Fabián. He’s been training my daughter the last couple of months and she’s shown incredible improvement in her soccer skills. He’s friendly, accommodating, and thinks of different training methods for every session. Fabián knows the game well and makes it extremely fun. We are very happy we chose him to coach our daughter.

Tarik - New York City, NY.

I came to Fabián trying to get a better handle of the basics as an adult and I got more than I could’ve hoped for. Not only did he give me a variety of things to work on by myself at home (without me having to ask) he also immediately broke down what I was good at and what I struggled with, modifying the lesson as we went to cover the things I really had issues with. He worked me hard from start to finish and left me feeling motivated to improve and keep working on everything he showed me in practice.

John T Peters - New York City, NY.

Had my first lesson with Fabian and its was great. Not only was he a really nice guy but passionate about the game and encouraging in his coaching style. really enjoyed the first lesson and looking forward to more lessons with him.

Chloe Liechman/Director. Future Stars Futbol - Brooklyn, NY.

He will continue to work with the program this fall through spring. He has been a terrific help with each individual player and team he has coached, teaching fundamentals and encouraging new challenges and techniques on the field”.

Claudio Serrano/Owner, CEO. Creativo FC. Bogotá, Colombia.

As a coach, he worked responsibly with children aged 8 to 14. He excelled in planning activities, caring for children and developing their integrity, training, and tactics. His duties were: He worked as a mentor for the children and was involved in their care and development of routines (warm-up, stretching and health habits). Trained a group of 30 children at one time. Implemented dynamic and creative strategies to lead their groups to win local and regional tournaments. Developed a supportive and friendly social environment, which led his students to work in teams and respectful manner. Kept constant communication with parents and family about the process of children and providing advice to enhance the experience of its members. Established routines, eating habits and fitness for players”. Managed to train on methods of defense, offensive, midfield and goal – keeping techniques. Possessed first aid certification and group management.

William Vega /Manager-Player: Catenaccio FC Bogotá, Colombia.

As co-coach, he was an excellent complement for Catenaccio FC. He played as a defensive midfielder and led the team with me. His knowledge helped us to read the games, implemented important tactical and physical performance and also, introduce the strategic vision for the application of skills for different positions”.