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How we work

Our method provides a unique experience in which soccer becomes a tool for life and an element of empirical progress. Work/study routines and life skills form an integral and fun part of the process.


Each player and coach, gets an approximation of the needs and strengths for the game and thus adjusts it to goals and expectations for our players. This is where CyBears lays down the routines for developing the fundamentals necessary for long-term play and progress.

Planning + Development

Everyone plans out activities they like and CyBears wants our players to be free and critical protagonists at this point in their practices. CyBears has a coach ratio of 12:1 (max) that allows training to be carried out in a personalized way, with the development of a progress plan from the initial stages to the end of every season.

Results and learning

Putting into practice what has been planned and taught is the time to try and take risks, to create challenges and overcome them. For CyBears we offer an evaluation with feedback that contributes to the growth of our players and their families.

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