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Player Programs

Packages details & pricing


We work all year round. Players have the option of knowing their potentials and developing them while continuing their academic routines. CyBears seeks to provide an unique experience with different opportunities for ages 4-15, as well as various skill levels to deepen technique, tactics, confidence and creativity in a fun environment.

ID Camps - Diagnosis for season planning: For all players. (Group A; Ages 4-7) / June 10, 11 and 12. (Group B; Ages 8-15).

Fall Season 2022: September - November. Winter/Rua Beach Lab: January to March 2022. Spring Season/ Preparation Challenge & Exchange 2022: April to June.

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Training Services

Private Sessions
Group Sessions

Services Prices

Recreational Training

(Max 10 players/8 sessions)

For prices:

(per class/group)
*1.5 hours

Professional Class Program

(Process – Max 12 players / 8 sessions)

For prices:

(per player/8 sessions)
*1.5 hours

Virtual Training

(Process – Max 5 players on screen)

For prices:

(per session/per player)
*1 hour

Private session 1-on-1

For prices:

(per lesson)
*1.5 hours


3 sessions/4 hours per session

For prices:

*12 hours

Coaching for a premier team

For prices:

(per game)

Club offer: Blended team.

I) Full season:

September – June
*Avaiability due to COVID emergency.


48 practices/24 scrimmages*

Abroad Clinic Program

1 Group. 2 weeks: 20 classes – 1 official Game.
Price: TBD (To Be Determined/ Doesn’t include Air Tickets).

Team building

Tryouts (free)
*COVID context: No competitive games/scrimmages.

All Training Plans Include


Surf/Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class. (Once a month one class could be included). If the children prefer the particular practice of these sports… we are ready!


CyBears TC (1 per month for every student). Each class our mentors develop our method, through the system with constant feedback.


Personalized feedback process with results for children and their parents. During the last week of practice in the program, players and parents receive personalized feedback from their reports and comments on sports and other aspects of their development.


Training Net. – ‘Play with Your Brain’ – Travis Norsen – Joma gear – Pivo