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Sports as a tool to enrich the development of your children Join the Tribe where our goals center around the personal development of each player. Find Out More Sports as a tool to enrich the development of your children Join the Tribe where our goals center around the personal development of each player. Find Out More

Why is CyBears Different?

It is our conscious effort to allow collaborative learning as a form of empowerment to both coaches and players.

CyBears aims to bring both the parents and their children valuable life experience through soccer and other sports. For this purpose, our method evaluates the children’s athletic processes, as well as their academic and personal life skills.

We specialize in an individualized teaching style that accommodates players' needs, rather than expecting them to learn the same way in a group setting.

Cybears have designed a specific set of activities that help us evaluate a players skill set and how they contribute to themselves and others.

We at Cybears offer professional mentorship for players who want to excel beyond the learning standards.

Sports + Education

Our purpose is to support your child’s academic performance, athletic development, and personal growth through the experience of extensive training, which will empower their sense of confidence in the field. We focus on sports and value-enrichment rather than competition with a measurable process!
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Experience & Coherence

Our team members are both professional soccer players and dedicated academics. At Cybears, we like to advocate diverse ways of learning about futbol and the core values of community by mentoring children on how to improve their athletic performance, and apply the challenges they will overcome to their educational and personal growth.
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Other Sports 

It’s not just futbol! We use other sports, such as surfing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and more to help develop discipline and leadership skills for the future. Additionally, football play is diversified by incorporating training on a variety of surfaces such as asphalt, sand, and turf.
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Our Method

Our method and products are designed to assess each participant’s athletic and academic development, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The goal is to center what we teach based upon accountability and team effort. CyBears follows a process which identifies the particular S.W.O.T´s (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Treads) that helps us evaluate the performance of each player through Cybears  “Tracking Card” (TC). Particularly, the TC™ provides children and parents with visible documentation of their progress.


CyBears aims to provide children with life experiences through sports and education. To achieve this goal, CyBears assesses the child’s needs by individually following the athletic capabilities of each child. CyBears wants to fill the gaps between sports, performance, and education. We at CyBears believe in a process where our method can be the bridge to vitality and confidence through innovation.

Our Friends

Our Team


Fabián López

Being committed to soccer throughout his life, Fábian has used what he’s learned in his regional championship experience—attaining his -USSF (F)/Grassroots license.

Public Relations Manager

Gabriel Weiss

Gabriel is a locally acclaimed poet and writer in the Bay Area who understands how to integrate the value of family and community as way of building a foundation of trust between the client and server.

Operations Support. Colombia.

María Valdivieso

María Graciela is an engine for the logistics of the team. She is involved with education, from the planning of activities to sports synergy with academics. Chela has a BA in School Administration.

Education Advisor

Daniel Torres

Daniel is a diligent person who sees soccer as an opportunity for players to establish community learning in a way that exemplifies the art of collaboration. Daniel has a great experience as a teacher (all grades).

Design Associate – Colombia

Oscar Cespedes

Yeyo is a cheerful publicist from the Catholic University of Manizales with more than 15 years of experience in different advertising agencies and multinational companies.

Football Advisor

Ottoniel Duque

Otto was a pro in Colombia and played several teams. Though he never left his studies aside. Otto played for Caldas (2006/2008), Patriotas FC (2010), 1st division teams in Colombia.

Football Advisor

Juan David Duque

Juan continues to play in local leagues and elemental forces in the 11 Caldas. He is also a Lawyer specialized in administrative law. Has been a member of the Sanctions Committee of the Caldas Soccer League.

Marketing & Brand Director

Marco Fabra

Marco is a senior UI/UX designer with ten years of professional experience specializing in designing applications for startups and has his tools and processes tailored to meet the company’s demands.


Daiana Hoehl

My name is Daiana, I am 21 years old and I am from Argentina. I study kinesiology, and I am currently living in the United States to learn and learn more about this beautiful American culture. Since I was little I have practiced many sports. From artistic gymnastics, swimming, to team sports such as basketball, handball, soccer and volleyball. I really like team sports, but soccer is my passion.


Adilson Moura

Adilson is a Brazilian, former professional soccer player, and currently working as a coach. He is a trainer, a mentor, focused on technical and emotional development (with main attention to teamwork and confidence) for the basic categories of important clubs in the world such as Corinthians FC (in Brazil) and national teams such as the U-16 Selection of North Korea.


Daniel Barbosa

Daniel is a holistic athlete with a Degree in Exercise Science and Postgraduate studies in Teaching with an emphasis on Exercise Physiology, Biochemistry, Sports Training, Weight Training and Conditioning. Daniel has stood out as a champion of Martial Arts. He has been Judo black belt since 2003, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu purple belt, and has more than 50 courses related to the exercise science area.

Branch Manager Florida

Lukeman Shobande

Lukeman comes from Ghana, a soccer nation in West Africa. With a background in Engineering, an author, a publicist, someone who is always learning, it only makes sense his amazingly massive understanding and interpretation of the beautiful game and passion to pass it on to the younger generation is in his words, “Giving back and Gift and contribution to this beautiful world.“