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Winter Micro Lab CyBears Tribe, benchmark youth development soccer in California will have some days for you in January to have practices at a different level. There are few places available on blacktop surface. Contact Us

Limited places

4 groups, 1 group per week - space of 10 players maximum (for boys or girls).
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Available Dates

The lab will run from January 6 to 29 at the blacktop of Corte Madera Park Town.
I) January 6 - 8. (Wed/Fri)
II) January 13 - 15. (Wed/Fri)
III) January 20 - 22. (Wed/Fri)
IV) January 27 -28. (Wed/Fri)

Group Options

U6 - U7
U8 - U9
U10 - U11
U12 - U13
The Micro Lab will be from 3.30 p.m. to 5 p.m.

We Will Include:

Tracking Cards (TC)

Through our own method, we will do a customized diagnosis, develop an adjusted plan, and provide constant feedback, advice for our players. A tool for the coming season!


Training Net. – Kappa gear

Get Ready for Fall Season!

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(415) 299-5167 / (415) 619-8142